Turtle Valley Donkey Refuge

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Green Pasture Project Donation

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About Green Pastures:

As a successful recipient of a 50/50 Capital Grant from the Province of B.C. and the BC Gaming Commission, we are pleased to announce the commencement of our very important Green Pasture Project. The funds raised will go towards the installation of a Special Well, Water lines and Power for Irrigation to all our Pastures, installation of another 2500 feet of new pasture fencing, the creation of another 10 acres of Summer Pasture and the development of a new Manure Management Protocol. This project will enhance the Donkey's lives on a daily basis now and far into the future.

The donkeys will have the opportunity to enjoy green grass pasture throughout the summer months as well as the freedom and exercise of walking about grazing and foraging for food. This will help us reduce the cost of supplemental hay, and provide a rich environment for other small grassland flora and fauna.

Our goal this year is to Raise our 50% portion of the total cost of $104,000.00 to complete this very important project.

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