Turtle Valley Donkey Refuge


 > I don't have PayPal - can I still checkout?

Yes!  PayPal does not require you to sign up in order to check out.  

Please see details here - A Note About PayPal

> The item I want is out of stock.

Please call the Refuge directly - 250-679-2778; also note that during Covid-19 we are clearing stock in the store, and will probably not be ordering new items until Spring 2021.  Most of the stock that we have is currently listed on the shop.

> I am ordering a gift and I want to ship it to someone else.

Please provide the giftee's email (digital packages) or mailing address (physical items) in the "notes" box at checkout.  If there are no notes, we will assume you want it shipped directly to you.  Please do not enter the giftees address in the "Shipping" section as this may cause us to change your mailing address.

> I made a donation and I have not received my receipt yet.

Thank you for your donation!  We are a very small operation and it can take up to 4 weeks during a busy time to process your donation/sponsorship receipt as we have to enter it into our receipt database and manually receipt it.  If you would like a receipt directly, we suggest making a donation/sponsorship through our Website Donation Page, which generates an automatic receipt immediately.

> I want to pay with e-transfer/cash/cheque/offline credit card.

Please call the Refuge directly for details - 250-679-2778.  Note that we do have to remove the stock from the online store so we are unable to guarantee that your item will be available.  We will make every attempt to remove the stock as soon as possible, but to avoid disappointment, we suggest using the online store's ordering system.