Turtle Valley Donkey Refuge

$50.00 CAD

Sponsor a Donkey - Paper Mail Package

Image of Sponsor a Donkey - Paper Mail Package

Our donkey sponsorship is a wonderful way to demonstrate your support for donkey welfare. By sponsoring one of our donkeys you are providing the funds for:

  • Regular veterinary check-ups and emergency care
  • Regular dental check-ups and care
  • Hoof trimming and ongoing care
  • Hay and straw
  • Special feed for underweight or special needs donkeys
  • Warm, soft bedding and blankets
  • First-aid treatment and supplies

Donkey Sponsorships make wonderful gifts – to yourself or to that someone special who shares your love for animals and is concerned for their welfare. For only $50 you can sponsor one of our wonderful Ambassador Donkeys. You will receive a paper mail sponsorship package with a variety of sharable photos of your ambassador donkey, and your donkey's story. Each paper mail package comes with a Sponsorship Certificate, as well as one donkey greeting card with your donkey's story, one postcard, one wallet card, and a sheet of stickers featuring your special donkey friend. We are truly grateful for your kindness and support. Your tax-deductible donation helps us provide long-term care for all of the donkeys in our care.

Gift Sponsorship Instructions:

  1. If your Sponsorship is a gift, please make sure to select the "gift" option.
  2. At checkout, enter your information in the "Contact Information" and "Shipping" sections.
  3. At checkout, your recipient's name/mailing address (if you want it sent directly to your recipient) goes in the "Notes" box in the "Summary" section, along with any special message, so we can make sure your package gets to the correct person.
  4. Please note the shop will send an automated purchase receipt to the email you have entered in the "Contact Information" section so be sure it is your email, and not your recipients.

Many of our long-time sponsors and our visitors develop a special relationship with donkeys that are not currently part of our Ambassador Donkey Program. Not a problem as all donkeys can be sponsored and re-sponsored under “My Special Donkey” - just leave us a note in the checkout box as to who your Special Donkey is, as well as any gift name & mailing information if this is a gift and you want it sent directly to the recipient.

The cost of a donkey sponsorship is Tax Deductible and you will receive an official tax receipt. Please note receipts are not transferable, and we are not able to receipt your donation to anyone except you.